Posted by: North East Florida Beach Homes | December 30, 2011

Rick Lofgren & Chris Rich of The St. Augustine Regional (StAR) Council gave of our time on December 23rd to support the St. Johns Housing Partnership “Build a Ramp” program. 

The program is designed to assist those folks that are in need of a wheel chair ramp but can not afford one.  Medicare pays for the wheel chair but not the ramp.  The St.Johns Housing Partnership initiated the program and volunteers such as StAR and other community groups and organizations work together to provide these much needed ramps.

 The St. Johns Housing Partnership is committed to promoting safe, decent and affordable housing inSt. JohnsCounty.  They are able to do this by creating links between the public and private sectors on projects that create housing for low to moderate income housing, rebuild neglected homes and neighborhoods, thus benefiting disadvantaged areas and enhancing community economic and social development. 

 The St. Augustine Regional Council Inc. (StAR) is dedicated to support the preservation and furtherance of the St. Augustine / St. Johns County regional area residential and commercial real estate industry and the public affairs attributable thereto as well as the key measures and issues that will promote the image and advancement of the residential and commercial real estate industry and the community generally.  

Mission:  We are a group of professionals dedicated to promoting our community to individuals outside the region. For more information about StAR visit

Wheel Chair Ramp Build 23DEC2011

Chris, Rick, Barbara & Tim taking a break from helping to build a wheel chair ramp

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